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Masks and uniforms

What are the Work Wear Suit Models?
Since work clothes are among the compulsory clothes, they are used in almost all workplaces. There are options suitable for the characteristics of the job site and working conditions. Among the workwear models, the first one is the overalls, which consists of one piece and protects every part of the body.
  • Work Overalls Models: It is a workwear that is tasked with protecting the body against harmful external factors. Models made of strong and durable fabric can be used easily in every sector. Fireproof overalls models are produced for those working in heavy industry and hot environments. These models have a feature that does not burn when fire parts such as sparks are splashed. These models, which are loose on the body, have comfortable usage patterns. In addition, overalls that protect those working outside against dust and weather conditions should be preferred. Waterproof and cold-proof models are important for body health.
  • Technical Worker Teams: These models are generally preferred by individuals working in repair and renovation works. Being dust and dirt proof, being fireproof and having multiple pockets are the effective features of it. A practical working environment is provided by putting the small tools, screws and cables in the tool kit into the pockets of the clothes. The uniforms of the personnel responsible for technical affairs in public institutions are also included in this model.
  • Reflector Suit Models: These models are generally used by night workers. Thanks to the reflector on the workwear, possible accidents are prevented by providing visibility. These clothes, which are important for the safety of the worker, are also used by the traffic police in their night work. Reflective clothing, which has an important place among work clothes, consists of vibrant colors.
What are the Features of the Work Wear Set?
Work clothes should be specially designed according to the sector. Personnel clothes, which are suitable for severe conditions, protect body integrity and health, and minimize the negative effects in the environment, are also included in the law. For this reason, companies have their employees sewn clothes that will allow them to be comfortable and fit their bodies. Another feature of the workwear is that different companies or employees in different departments within the same company are separated from each other. In other words, since each department’s clothing style and color are different, it can be easily understood who works in which department or in which position. Work clothes worn in industrial areas where working conditions are harsh and dirty are chosen in dark colors. As an indicator of hygiene for those working in the food industry, personnel clothes are in light colors.
Worker’s clothes should have features that ensure worker safety as well as design and color. If it is protective against any harm that may come from the work environment, it is ensured that the workers work in a healthy environment. The clothes of those working around the fire or the welding machine should be incombustible overalls, etc. must have clothes. Occupational accidents are too harmful to be taken lightly. Therefore, the characteristics of the working clothes should be regulated against the risks of the working sector. More attention should be paid to the clothes of the personnel who have to work continuously with chemicals and drugs in terms of life safety. Overalls and caps designed from special fabric should not contain the smallest dust particles or odors that may come from outside.
What are the Types of Work Vests?
Types of work vests vary according to the characteristics of the work environment, namely, factory, construction site, excavation work, etc. varies according to the conditions of places such as Therefore, work vests have a wide range of varieties. Human labor continues to be used frequently in many business environments today. Work vests, which have many different models and areas of use, are a tool that undertakes the task of protecting employees in many ways. There are also varieties that aim to be noticeable for the health and safety of various occupational groups from emergency medical teams to security forces. These varieties are:
  • Anorak Work Vest: This model, which is made of waterproof material, has an advantageous use with its structure selected from healthy materials. Its zippered structure up to the collar tip is an extremely useful and protective model.
  • Reflective Work Vest: The reflective vest is a model that allows its wearer to be visible, especially in dark environments. With its bright phosphorescent structure, it is preferred for those who work outdoors at night with its shining color feature when lit. It is also used to eliminate risk situations in heavy industry workers.
  • Double-Sided Work Vest: The double-sided vest, which is a very attractive type in terms of both use and advantage, can be worn on both sides as inside and outside. It is preferred for longer-lasting uses.
  • Multi-Pocket Work Vest: Multi-pocket vest, with its multi-functional usefulness, is designed for use in many sectors, especially repair and modification works. It helps to use and store equipment such as screwdrivers, keys and pens in a practical way.
  • Engineer Work Vest: One of the vests used to separate the positions of the working workers is the engineer work vest. It is a kind that helps in taking protective measures according to the harsh conditions of the working areas where the engineers are located.
  • Warning Vest: Warning vests, which are necessary in terms of worker health and safety, are a type of vest that ensures that the security forces working in road construction and repair works, and the security forces on duty in places with heavy traffic are visible. It is extremely important in eliminating the risk of accident, especially in night work.
  • Gabardine Work Vest: This model is a kind of vest designed to represent a particular business. In this way, it is easily understood in which company the employees are employed.
  • Softshell Vest: It is a cold and windproof model designed to be protected from harsh seasonal conditions.
What are the Business T-Shirt Models?
There are workwear t-shirt models designed and produced specifically for every business. Products designed to be useful are selected specifically for the job and the work environment. While special sheltered products are preferred for the interior of the business, the products that will be used in front of the customer will be products that offer a meticulous look in the form of a polo-neck t-shirt. Work t-shirts aren’t just for people who work in the heavy-duty industry. Printed employee t-shirts used in GSM companies are also known as workwear. Business t-shirts are created in many collars, lengths, patterns and types according to business choice. These;
  • Polo Collar Work T-shirt: These are long or short sleeved T-shirts with a turn-down collar. Polo collar T-shirt is a kind of shirt and T-shirt combination garment. Unlike the t-shirt, it is produced with two or three buttons.
  • Printed Business T-Shirt: It is a T-shirt model that is made on areas such as the back, arms, chest and gives information about the institution, business or department.
Round Neck or V-Neck Work T-shirt: It is a classic T-shirt model. It can be produced in different colors.

What are the Work Glove Models?
Jobs in the industrial sector are divided into many groups. The potential danger situations faced by each business group also differ. Work glove models produced according to the job description also differ. Work gloves are defined by different standards according to their usage areas. These are listed as follows:

  • Gloves providing protection against mechanical risks
  • Gloves that protect against thermal hazards
  • Gloves providing protection against chemicals and microorganisms
  • Gloves protecting against radiation and radioactive contamination
  • Gloves that protect against the cold
    electrician glove
  • Electrical gloves: It is made of natural, synthetic, insulating materials such as rubber and latex. It prevents electric shocks. It is a very heat resistant work
  • glove model.
  • glazier glove
  • assembly gloves
  • nitrile gloves
  • Latex gloves: They are used especially in hospitals by healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses during examinations. It provides high protection against infection and contagious diseases. Surgical gloves are also known as sterile gloves. It is produced with and without powder.
  • Oilman glove: It is a very suitable glove model for use in intensive mechanical works. It is produced by coating with blue nitrile on a thick cotton lining. It is a very durable work glove model.
  • Welding glove: It is a work glove that is made of leather material, resistant to high heat, fireproof and protects the user against sparks.
  • Fireproof glove: It is a type of work glove that provides protection in contact with heat, flame, and molten metal in a heated state. It is also known as heat resistant glove or fireproof glove. It provides insulation against heat. It is also known as the fire glove used by firefighters.

What are Personal Protective Models?

  • Head protective welding helmet and welding helmet,
  • ear protector,
  • eye protection glasses,
  • respiratory protective mask,
  • Body and abdomen protectors,
  • hand and arm protectors,
  • Foot and leg protectors,
  • skin protectors,
  • body protectors,
  • Radiation mask.