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More than two billion people in the world drink dirty water!

More than two billion people in the world drink dirty water!

In 2030, 700 million people could become refugees due to lack of drinking water. Currently, two billion people are forced to drink contaminated water. One of the causes of water scarcity is the lack of proper management of this natural resource.
These ideas were reflected in the report “Let’s save every drop of water: a daily in the field of water resources”.
The report was prepared by a group including 11 heads of state and special advisers and submitted to the UN Secretary General.
The current state of water resources in the world is evaluated in the document. It turned out that water wastage, ineffective management of water resources and lack of infrastructure lead to millions of people facing water shortages and deaths due to inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene norms. The report states that about 40 percent of the planet’s inhabitants are or otherwise suffers from a lack of drinking water. In 2030, about 700 million people could become refugees due to water shortages. Today, more than two billion people drink dirty water, 4.5 billion people lack proper sanitation. They are people from the poorest class. The authors of the report assessed the main problems related to water scarcity, such as population growth, urbanization, ecosystem change, increasing demand for food products, and the current state of industry and energy. They investigated the quality of water, described the environmental impact of inefficient use of water, and recalled how much untreated water is discharged into the soil and water tanks.
The relevant plan in the field of water resources was presented in the report. It should be recalled that according to the resolution adopted by the UN Secretary General in July 2010, everyone has the right to use 50-100 liters of water per day to meet their personal and household needs.

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